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Internet of Things

Want to learn how your car/fridge connects with the internet and personalise your experience for your household devices using sensors and actuators.

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About This Course

Learn to use various microcontrollers and how to make them interact with sensors. IoT helps you understand how sensors gather analog information from its surrounding and feeds it into the microcontroller to generate the appropriate output for the machine. Learn to control independent wireless machines with sensors and actuators.

How can one use IoT in real life?


Devices that operate within a connected network but were never intended to use the internet are IoT devices. IOT devices are everywhere like Smart fridges, smart washing machines, smart Remote, and Smart watches.

How will the IOT Course benefit you?


As the world is moving towards more wireless and digital, experience in working with remote devices and other sensors gives you an edge if a software component requires working with smart devices.

Concepts covered in Internet of things


Introduction to IOT devices


Sensors and Actuators


Javascript & Node.js


IBM Bluemix




Transfer protocols


App Creation




Add on topics

Project Titles

To improve your practical exposure to the subject we also provide you with projects to work on that simulate the real-world

Voice Controlled Robot
Voice Controlled Robot

Create a robot that follows voice commands.

Smart Home

Create devices that are controlled by google assistant on your phone.

Certified Course


Our way of recognizing your efforts is to keep our end of the bargain by providing you with the necessary certifications for

Get certified by top institutions in the country and Microsoft, our Gold Partner in helping us empower students like you with the requisite skills in your domain of proficiency.

Pricing Plan

Our courses are provided at the best rates in the industry across various plans that fit perfectly in your budget and offer you the best of services.

Mentor Lead

₹ 10,000

Course Completion Certificate

1 minor project + 1 major project

16 + hours mentor training & project

Cobranded Course Certificate

Course Completion Certificate

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