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Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Understand how the domain makes the best use of natural and artificial energy resources to form the vehicles of tomorrow.


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Learn Hybrid Electric Vehicles today

Hybrid Electric Vehicles are expected to soon replace vehicles that run on petrol/diesel. These hybrid vehicles are assured to provide benefits of both worlds - electric motors and gasoline engines. Understand what goes into their making.

Electric Motors

Battery Technology

Control Systems

Electric Power Components


Course Curriculum

Discover our comprehensive Hybrid Electric Vehicles course curriculum, designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills.



  1. For a true enthusiast, understanding of IC Engine is where it all begins for building a HEV.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Systems

  1. This part would help us in learning the various components/parts that go into making HEVs.

Battery Technology & Electric Motors

  1. There will be a brief description of Batteries and types and parameters. You will also be understanding of Motors (AC and DC with their classification) that drive the HEVs.

Electric Power Components

  1. This module will be a detailed description of concepts of motors, generators and power electronics.

Control System of HEV’s

  1. This module helps us understand the intriguing architecture, design and system integration of HEVs.


  1. There will be a Practical demonstration of the building of E-Bike and the motor assembly is the final module to satisfactorily complete your learning.

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Are there any necessary prerequisites for this course?

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No, there are no specific prerequisites for this course. The course is structured in a manner that covers the very basics of the topics as well. So if you’re a complete beginner, this is a great course to start with.

What are the requirements for the classes?

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You’ll need a secure and stable internet connection on a well functioning device such as a laptop or mobile phone. We also recommend keeping a notepad and pen/pencil alongside to jot down notes.

Who do I contact for more information regarding the course?

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You can get in touch with us via email - or call us at the phone number provided in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

What are the possible career options for Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

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Some options are - Overall Vehicle Development, Battery Engineer, Calibration Engineer and Harness Engineer.